Patrick Redford – Penguin Live Lecture 3 (april 8th, 2018)

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“For those of you who have seen Patrick work before need no introduction. In the past 10 years or so he has built up an international reputation for his brilliant and inspired thinking in the mentalist arena. You will not get any pipe dreams here. Just powerful and practical audience tested mysteries you will definitely want to use!” – John Carey

“When George visits us here at the magic shop he draws a crowd of people eager to tell him how great his tricks are working for them since they’ve made them a regular part of their act. He has a brilliant mind that approaches magic in innovative directions. His effects are fair and believable, incorporating original methods with strong audience impact that appear to be purely magic.” – Paul Nielsen (Owner of Wunderground Magic in Metro Detroit)

“’I am a fan of Patrick Redford.’ Those eight words sum up, in very simple terms, what I think of the creativeness of this individual. But to leave it at those eight words lacks the essence and complexity of who and what Patrick Redford really is. Patrick Redford is a very unique individual who looks beyond the boundaries of any box he is placed within. Through his effects he continuously creates a new kaleidoscope of imaginary worlds that we, as mystery performers, can thrive within. When you take a walk with this teacher, the impossible becomes possible, the lost becomes found, and the past becomes the present. Time stands still within his hands and is molded into impossible scenarios that become a reality that most could never imagine. Patrick Redford is a maestro at taking the mundane and pouring new life into it. I am always amazed by his creation of creative walkways that enter zones that no other has been able to fathom. His staircase is always a floor longer than any others that have been created before and, as a result, we all can reach higher in our entertainment goals. I continuously find myself giving this artist a standing ovation for causing us all to take a closer look at each and every piece we perform. “I use Patrick Redford’s Ideas in my show.” These are another eight words that convey, in no small terms, what I think of the creativeness of this individual. His thinking is just that strong.” – Banachek

“Some of the most astounding effects I have ever seen performed.” – Howard Hamburg

“Patrick is incredible – whenever we Skype I am left dumbfounded! He has a wealth of knowledge and whenever we jam I am constantly grinning like a Cheshire cat at how brilliant he is. Pay attention to the beautiful subtleties and genuine psychology Patrick shares. He is wise beyond his years!” – Peter Turner

“If you like to partake in bondage with teddy bears, Patrick Redford’s material is for you. No, but seriously. It is. He’s also one of the few people I know who is constantly striving to improve every area of their performance… The scripting, the methods and the overall effect on an audience. Due to this, his new lecture is guaranteed to provoke plenty of thought and offer wonderful new gems that you’ll want to adopt and make your own.” – Colin Mcleod (Colin Cloud Kills)

“Patrick is a very, very clever fellow. His work on the Forgotten Ploy is on the cutting edge of mentalism. His thinking is unique and fresh. Watching his lecture is like taking a wild ride on the roller coaster of his mind. You will enjoy the many surprising twists and turns.” – Christian Painter (of Christian and Catalina)

“Patrick is one of my favorites in the recent generation of mentalists. His contributions are consistently valuable and innovative, and I recommend them highly.” – Bob Cassidy

“There’s a reason Patrick Redford is one of the first people I contact when I want to discuss new ideas for my show. That’s because he’s an encyclopedia of mentalism knowledge and an amazing creator of methods. The thinking and detail he puts into every one of his effects truly shows his passion for the art. But he never just stops there. He’s continually making his strong ideas even stronger by adding subtleties and variations that will give you the necessary tools to find a presentation and method that works best for you. He’s also vegan and sometimes wears a bowler hat….but nobody’s perfect.” – Eric Dittelman (Semi-Finalist on America’s Got Talent, 2015 Best Male Performer in the College Market)