Pablo Amira – Minimal Mentalism III (official PDF)


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The  Minimal Mentalism III Lecture is a live learning experience in which you will get new Mentalism content for your repertoire.

The 3rd installment after my Minimal Mentalism Lecture (at Penguin Magic) and the Minimal Mentalism II Lecture Notes.
 12 Practical Routines, Theories and Ideas that are simple and powerful for real-world audiences.
 If you cant attend the lecture as live experience, you can get the lecture notes (in eBook or Book format) so you can read all content provided, including unpublished new routines.
1. Tree Theory: A meta-theory in the study of Mystery Performance
2.Animalistic Opener: ANY animal is decided by your participant using a very fair procedure. From your bag you take a big photo of that precise animal!
3. Enchanting Connection: A full close up act using nothing more than a pendulum, some business card and the power of connection
4. Minimal Q&A: A minimal approach to the greatest Mentalism experience ever. Just some business cards are needed to create wonderful moments of reading, mindreading and precognition, revealing answers to thought of questions.
5. “Present Tarot” Reading System: My approach to offer a powerful, special an unique Tarot Reading.
6. NamePlace: A simple-to-execute interpretation of one of the classics from our Master Mindreader.
7. Dichotomic Certainty: A wonderful double-prediction, using a shuffled deck of cards in use.
8. Goal: A meaningful and powerful moment of mindreading, which features the UCCD, a new fun DIY gimmick that you can carry to create wonderful telepathic experiences.
9E5PMancy: A Minimalistic reading approach using your 5 ESP Cards.
10.Solo: Only one playing card as prediction is left on the table. One card is mentally chosen using a fair procedure. 100% correct prediction.
 A new way to predict ANY playing card that you WILL USE.
11.Tangible Energies: A stage routine involving powerful energy and visual demonstrations.
12. The Unique Key: A wonderful mysterious and poetic version of the “Haunted Key” for couples.

Pablo Amira’s work is always simple in method yet profoundly mysterious and moving. It always brings a smile to my face when I see how he takes classic ideas and makes them more streamlined, fresh, and emotionally charged and to see how his original ideas have the potential to move people in very powerful ways in the right hands. If you know me, you know I do not boast about anyone or anything I do not believe in and the work in his Minimal Mentalism III is no exception! As you find yourself absorbing the information within it’s pages, you will come to the realization that methods are secondary and that presentation and the inner reality and subscript which guides your performance is the most important part of the experience. In it, you will find ideas that pack small and play huge! I know you will enjoy these notes when you get them and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.Lance SinclairFantastic book full of inspirational ideasLuca Volpe