Pablo Amira – Minimal Mentalism II (official PDF)


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Pablo Amira recently did a rare U.S. lecture at my home. He amazed all the participants who attended, myself included. Pablo’s work is smart, direct, and highly practical. He demonstrated effects I decided to perform myself right away. Very few were allowed into this rare lecture. You can now get the lecture book of this material. I cannot recommend this eBook enough.
 Kenton Knepper  
I am very happy to offer a new lecture full of practical, powerful and minimal Mentalism to the community.
Perform with unprepared, borrowed objects, without gimmicks or just simple props that you can prepare. Some previously published routines and also new work to create impactful moments in casual and/or professional settings.
Table of Content
Essay: What is Mentalism?  (Translation from my book “Psique”)
1.Weekly Cartomancy: One diary, one prediction. A new take on the classic Bob Cassidy-Diary effect that is super practical and can be used on stage or close up.
2.Minimal Center Tear: One of the simplest billet tears ever.
3.Instapsychic: Read minds and see images using a borrowed phone.
4.Serendipity Deck: A new special deck of cards that will allow you to predict ANY named card in an aesthetic and fantastic manner.
5.Equivoque Section: A brief part of my “Equivoque Workshop”, that includes several new ideas and effects using this wonderful and badly-used method.
6.Careless Mindreader: Using a shuffled and borrowed deck of cards, do a mental miracle without any (apparent) effort.
7.Casual Q&A: Just a few business cards are needed to create a fantastic act of psychic events.
8. Time for Weird Things: Two borrowed watches and fun moments of mysterious interaction.
9.Memorable: Create a memorable impression of yourself as mysterious person and be able to reveal thoughts anytime, anywhere of any person using just a piece of borrowed paper and a pen.
10. ESPalm: Combine the ancient art of Palmistry with a little extra Zener surprise.
11.Memories: A pendulum routine that will allow your participant to know something from your own past!