Pablo Amira – MentalRubik (official PDF)


Fantastic Mentalism with an ungimmicked cube!

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The Rubik’s Cube is known in the world as a game for genius minds, a puzzle for those who really invest time and effort.

Now with “MentalRubik”, you can create fantastic Mentalism for close up, parlor or stage with an ungimmicked cube!5 professional routines and one reading system that you can add to your repertoire.

Yes, it is cool to “solve it” in a quick and magical manner, but there is a LOT more that you can do, and I will show you!

Table of Contents
1. Rubik Opener: A fantastic routine from my professional repertoire, with audience interaction and a prediction to start your act in a credible and powerful way.

2. Thought-of-Color: Your participant THINKS of one of the colors, then you can solve that thought-of-color using a blindfold!.  No billets, no preshow.

3. Rubik Choice: A modern test of clairvoyance. Your participant selects a color using “color cards” in a “double bind” manner, and you are still able to reveal the unknown color using the cube! A hands-off miracle that adds visual elements to your act.

4. Triple Rubikction: A fun triple prediction using your rubik’s cube in a new and simple manner. No gimmicks, no secret writing!

5. Modern Aura: A new and visual reading system using any ungimmicked Rubiks Cube.

6. TOR: Three participants onstage, thinking of a color.  You can READ THEIR MIND. No electronics, no peeks.

All the routines are very simple to execute, you dont need advanced skills in Rubik’s Cube. You don’t need to know how to completely solve the cube to do these routines, but for those interested I will add my personal favorite method to solve the cube and video demonstrations and explanations.

You can get just the eBook and also a special pack, which includes a perfect Rubik’s cube (for reasons that I mention) that you can use to perform these routines.

Add colorful, visual and credible Mentalism to your act today with MentalRubik!

Like always, you share very interesting ideas
I like the solution you offer for “Tossed Out Rubik”
Patrick Kuffs

Ok guys, I bought it and I have to say, it is, at least for me, worth every penny.

The routines are solid, but more than that, the out of the box (inside the cube?) thinking is what I really liked.

 Like most of Pablo´s material this is real world mentalism, Minimal mentalism, Practical mentalism.
He applies known and solid principles to an object almost everyone recognizes even if they havent played with it!
The object itself has LOTS of implications, chaos, randomness and being able to USE those preconceived notions is beautiful.
 Im not going to ramble about all the routines but:
1. Rubik Opener: this is one of Pablo´s working openers, and you can see why, its a Macro-Micro effect with a HIGH impact.
 2. Though of Color: The blindfold solve with a MENTAL impossibility added to it.
3. Rubik Choice: Ok, this one I AM PERFORMING, no kidding, this for me is worth the price of the book, thank you Pablo.
4. Triple Rubikction: Great and CONGRUENT, triple prediction routine, the beauty in this one is Pablo´s ideas on color forcing!
5. Modern Aura: I dont perform readings, but those who do Will get a Kick out of this, the guide lines are well explained and several example readings are given.
 6.TOR: Another audience participation effect that packs a punch, what thrills me is the idea of noting a mentally selected color from a mixed cube.

So that´s my break down from the eBook, For me totally worth it,some ideas I will try for sure, and more importantly it has given me LOTS of food for thought which Im still bugging Pablo about.  Please check this one out guys, I predict you will enjoy it!

Dani Marko