Pablo Amira – ESPalm

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ESPalm is everything I look for in an opening piece of mentalism. It’s simple, quick, engaging, believable, and adaptable. Ask anyone, “Would you like a quick palm reading” & very few will say no. When they say yes, I now perform ESPalm.
Joe Diamond
That’s a very nice idea! Thanks for sharing! 
Paul Voodini
ESPalm, minimalistic routine in which just with 5 ESP Cards you offer a fantastic moment of mystery which includes palmistry and the revelation of an unknown symbol.
If you know my work, you know that I love to explore the uses of ESP cards in Mentalism (you can find more material at E5P and in “Simply Mental”) and ESPalm is one of my favorite routines to perform whenever I want to offer a deep and entertaining conversation with other person.
Learn ESPalm today and start to impact people in subtle and powerful ways!