Nojima – Surfing The Aces (Video explanation only, Gimmick not included, DIYable via cardsplitting)


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■ First stage
When you extend the deck, you have 1 face-up ace. If you expand it again, it increases to two. When spreading it again, Ace scatters in two places, and when looking at the card next to each, 4 pieces of ace are gathered.

■ Second stage
Spread the deck face down and put four aces facing up towards the end. When you turn the spread, the ace moves to the opposite side of 1 spread. This is repeated, and finally 4 aces all move to the opposite side.


It is the movement phenomenon of the new concept card. The phenomenon is unusual, but the methodology is very practical. Thanks to the attached trick card, you simply move the spread from the end of the spread to the end of the spread automatically.

The first ace opener is also very unique. The number of face-up ace increases, scattered, finds the remaining ace. Simply by spreading the deck this also happens automatically. In case

Although the spread falls within the category of technique, it is a subtle place, but since we do not use any other techniques at all, there is no spirit and we will proceed very fairly.

You may also try to let the audience do the part that makes the spread. You can provide a miracle experience that “Magician moves while you are not touching”.

Please enjoy the miracle that happens automatically.