Nojima – Envelope of Mentality (Japanese audio + english subtitles) (Props not included)


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Nojima – Envelope of mentality

■ Phenomenon
Distribute the playing cards one by one face up. Ask the spectators to stop at any place you like. The card at the stopped place matches the card in the envelope you put out in advance !!
I’ll do it again, but this time a different card will be chosen, but when I check the table of the prophecy cards I mentioned earlier, it has changed to the second chosen card !!

■ Points
This is the prophetic procedure that Nobuyuki Nojima has performed for many years. The procedure is carefully structured, keeping in mind that each stage is fair.
I have been knocked out by the double punch of prophecy and change, regardless of whether it is a general audience or a magician.
It is difficult for even a magician to follow because of the organic combination of various principles.

In the commentary DVD, in addition to the acting commentary (about 15 minutes), supplements assuming all troubles are recorded.
The supplementary running time is over 20 minutes !! It is longer than the main story.
The supplement touches on the following contents.

・ Ingenuity to reduce the probability of failure
・ What to do if you still fail
・ A device to finish the tool more perfectly
・ Consideration about production
・ How to show up
・ How to make a gimmick
・ How to show when performing on a TV program (About Switch)

In particular, the gimmick used in this product is very versatile, and it’s worth knowing how to make it (it’s very easy to make).

It’s a favorite procedure that Nojima played when he appeared on a TV program.
We recommend it to those who are looking for immediate fighting power and those who are looking for high-impact card magic.