Michael Vincent – Reel Magic Lecture (July, 2018)


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Michael Vincent shares updated routines and in-depth discussions of magic psychology and techniques that he learned from the masters: Slydini, Harry Lorayne, Derek Dingle, Darwin Ortiz, Larry Jennings, and Michael Skinner.

During his two-hour lecture, Michael demonstrates:

  • His 3-Coin Production, Coins Across, and his legendary Human Slot Machine routine.
  • His updated handling of The Joker Folds Up.
  • His outstanding version of Roy Walton’s Smiling Mule.
  • He shares his thoughts on psychological misdirection with a performance of Dr. Daley’s Last Trick.
  • And he discusses card handling technique with a performance of The Dunbury Delusion.

Michael is one of a kind. You won’t want to miss this great lecture!