Michael Close – The Road To Riffsville (official PDF + all videos)


Skill Level: Intermediate

The Road to Riffsville contains my current thinking on what I dubbed “Jazzing,” that is, improvising with a memorized deck. I originally wrote about this in Workers 5, way back in 1996. With the passage of time and the accumulation of new information and techniques, I have come to the conclusion that there are better ways to accomplish our goals and better ways to explain exactly what the “improvisation” process is.

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  • A Note to Newcomers
  • Introduction
  • Part One – The Problems
  • Part Two – False Shuffle/Cut/Glimpse Possibilities
  • Part Three – Estimation Techniques
  • Part Four – The Riffing Session
  • Part Five – Possible Revelations
  • Part Six – What You Need in Your Toolbox
  • Part Seven – True Improvisation with a Memdeck
  • Afterword

We’ve used 28,000 words, a hundred photographs, and nineteen videos to present this exciting, new information to you in way that is second only to personal instruction.

If you are a memdeck neophyte, this ebook is not for you – although you will certainly be inspired by the miracles that are possible using a memorized stack. The material is geared toward the intermediate performer who has some experience working with a memdeck. The material is stack independent.

I have shared this material with a few close friends; they are enthusiastic about it. I am convinced The Road to Riffsville will change the way you think about memdeck magic.