Michael Close – On the Faro Shuffle [CD-rom files]


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Learn the In-The-Hands Faro Shuffle

Many magicians consider the faro shuffle to be one of the toughest moves in card magic. The thought of performing consistant, perfect faros seems an impossible dream – until you read this ebook.

The ability to do perfect faro shuffles is a powerful weapon in the card magician’s arsenal of sleights. It is a genuine shuffle; the cards are truly being mixed. But it is also a controlled shuffle, meaning that the resulting order of the cards is not random. For this reason, it is an excellent adjunct to memorized deck work. Michael likes to start with a memdeck that has been given six out-faro shuffles. In front of the spectators he gives the deck two more out-faro shuffles. The deck has returned to stack order, but the spectators have seen two absolutely legitimate-looking in-the-hands shuffles. As far as the spectators are concerned, the cards have been shuffled, and must be in a random order. Very powerful indeed!