Michael Ammar – Cannibal Kings by Lin Searles

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Michael Ammar has taught thousands of magicians their first “professional” card tricks. His early teaching VHS videos are among the best-selling in the history of magic. His knowledge of magic tricks, theory and fundamentals is unsurpassed.

And in all the years he’s performed and taught magic, he’s curated a list of his very favorite tricks. Cannibal Kings is in the top 10 of all time.

It’s one of the best card tricks for all audiences because it’s got something for everyone! A funny story, sound effects, a huge card-gobbling cannibal mouth and TONS of astonishing magic moments. Plus if you like doing silly things like voices, you won’t find a better trick 🙂

This is a beautiful routine that you’ll perform for the rest of your life. It’s meaty, fooling, fun and massively entertaining for all ages.