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Memoria 2 is Fraser’s ingenious solution for revealing a memory someone is merely thinking of and the long awaited update and sequel to his critically acclaimed work Memoria.

Fraser has removed the need for a deck of cards to be in play and rebuilt this classic routine from the ground up and in the process has created an entirely new method and structure for the effect that allows you to not only reveal a spectator’s exact thought of memory, prop-lessly, and with very little effort but to also get their star sign for free, as a kicker ending to the routine.

Utilizing the visualization of colours and their implicit link to emotions, memories and the life experiences of his spectators Fraser has created a masterpiece of prop-less Mentalism, which will no doubt become THE go to memory reveal for a lot of performers.

NO snap change or re-frame.
NO writing anything down.
NO anagrams.
NO matrices (Horrors!)
NO playing cards or psyc forces
NO eye accessing cues
NO verbal cues
Only words and their ability to shift
perception are used.

Also included is Adrien Lochon’s beautiful prop-less star sign revelation that has never before seen print which utilizes lesser known subtleties from Fraser and was the inspiration for this updated version of Memoria.

This is perhaps one of the most streamline and elegant solutions for revealing a spectator’s star sign ever conceived. The spectator stays completely silent throughout the process and after a few seconds of having the spectator visualize the colour associated with their sign, you are able to reveal it instantly and with complete accuracy.