Matt Pulsar – Palm Star – Zodiac Divination System (official pdf)


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This item is a club that belongs in your bag. I wouldn’t describe this material as a great stand-alone piece, although it certainly could be used that way to sensational reactions.   Instead, in a platform show, by the time a participant joins the performer on the platform, he already has all he needs to announce that individual’s star sign. It’s not anagram based; none of this “I see an ‘n’ in your sign…” pumping, and it’s quite simple to learn and perform.  The manuscript includes methods to easily relate (and memorize) areas of the body to star signs as well as tradesman level divinations.
Lee Earle


Palm Star is extremely clean and one of the most direct star sign divination routines in existence.
“Palm Star” is available now as a 50 page Book and e-Book covering everything you need to reveal anyone’s zodiac.
This includes a script for close up performance or to use within a reading.   The book also covers  scripting and descriptions for performance on stage, Matt’s basic reading for each of the 12 zodiac signs, and his Mnemonic for using the peg system for the 12 zodiac signs.
 This is a real worker’s routine from a quality creator AND performer!
 No pipe-dreams
100% Impromptu & Gimmickless
100% Propless