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Imagine borrowing a deck of cards and some dice and performing an impossible miracle under test conditions!

A playing card is selected, returned to the deck, and the cards are shuffled. The participant is then given the dice and they’re instructed to take them far away from the group and mix them at random. They confirm that the dice generate random numbers. They’re asked to mix the dice once more, but they’re instructed to not look at the numbers.

The performer removes a card from the deck and makes a drawing on the face of the card.

The participant reveals their chosen card, and it’s their selection! They also see a few dice drawn across the face of the card. When the randomly mixed dice are revealed, they are a perfect match!

With Seeing Spots, you’ll be able to guess or predict any outcome, all with:

No Gimmicks

No Math

No Memory Work

No Fishing or Guesswork

No Peeks

No One Ahead Principle