Mark Southworth – Penguin Live Lecture (June 25th, 2017)


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“Mark is probably the most creative guy I have ever met in magic. I get crazy jealous of his ideas every time we speak. I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us in his first ever Penguin Lecture.” – Matthew Wright

“Hi Mark, just wanted to congratulate you on your trick Sucker Punch – It Looks Great – I wish you great success with this!” – Wayne Dobson

“I love Mark’s stuff. All of it. His material is rock solid and entertaining. Grab his live lecture when you have the chance and learn from an authentic working pro.” – Peter Eggink

“Mark is Super Creative. Take notice of this guy!!” – Chris Smith, Magic Smith

Who is he?

Mark Southworth has been a Magician for over 20 years & lives in the UK. Mark regularly performs Close Up Magic at Various Events across Europe & honed his skills whilst working in Europe’s Leading Magic Shop, JB MAGIC.

During his time here, Mark would learn from “The Best”, Mark Mason, & kick start his already inventive mind for creating magic. Mark’s first release to the magic world, Shoe’t was very well received!

From here, Mark has carried on this creative path & has created DVDs & Effects used by leading TV Magicians today including: Sucker Punch, Double Cross, The Box, Surefire DVD, and Shoe’t. And there are many more in the pipeline!

What will he teach?

3D Realization ( Flat 8 Ball ) An eye popping pool ball production with a cartoon ending!

Box All the work on Card To Boxes!

Double Cross Mark shares all the unseen work on double cross. The X Vanish will make your head spin!

Suckerpunch Mark shares some of his favorite routines, tips & advice.

Reject Deck A visual effect from start to finish with a commercial deck you already own!

Audience Chop Cup Mark’s audience takes the chop cup to the next level, leaving your spectator as The Star Of The Show!

EF Super Swindle 2 cards transpose in the most impossible way.

Card Under Glass Transposition Mark’s twist on Mark Mason’s Card Under Glass.

Card In Phone A 21st century way of card to phone with a unique twist with the spectator’s phone.

Think Of A Card All the work on Mark’s Think of a Card.