Mark Calabrese – C.I.S. (Card in Sharpie) (Instant Download)


A staple in Mark’s working repertoire, CIS is a surreal teleportation of a SIGNED card into a sharpie that’s been on the table the whole time.

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One thing is clear. Mark Calabrese performs this trick A LOT. And why wouldn’t he, with those reactions. A FREELY selected, SIGNED card ends up inside the sharpie marker they signed it with. Surreal, and impossible, and people FREAK OUT.

It’s called “Card in Sharpie” and it’s a worker. Perfect for working pros, table hoppers or just casual performers who want to freak out their friends.

It is instantly reset and ready to go again for your next audience so there’s no fiddly setup time.

What you get is a bullet-proof routine that Mark has been perfecting in his act, and an extremely detailed instructional video that you’ll only get from a pro who’s clearly been working a trick daily.