Marcus Eddie – Alakazam Online Magic Academy Lecture


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Marcus Eddie is undoubtedly one of the kings of impromptu magic and on this Academy course he shares some of his favourite go to effects.

Marcus is not only a creator and performer but he is also one of the most sought after magic consultants for TV, working on all sorts of magic shows including the David Blaine specials.

Marcus truly thinks outside the box and his creative process is simple yet so effective.

Here are just a few of the amazing tricks you will learn..

Splinter – Wow what a visual opener and the perfect off-beat piece of strange.  Showing your hands empty you state that you have a splinter in your finger.  It’s obviously annoying you as you’re making conversation; in fact it gets so annoying that you just can’t take it anymore.  You manage to get the end of it in your teeth and start to pull it out of your finger. Just watch your spectators face when they see a full cocktail stick slowly being draw from your finger. Honestly you have to see this to believe how good it looks.  This is impromptu close up magic at its best!

Stairway – During the Academy Marcus was asked if he could only do one effect what would it be? His answer?  Stairway! And I can see why.  With nothing more than 2 rubber bands and a borrowed bill you can create the most visual piece of magic and get this Marcus said if you work this effect the TIPS will start coming in (what’s not to love about that!)

Armband – This is a super visual quickie. And perfect to perform before Stairway.  You remove an elastic band from your arm and then visually throw it back on.  This looks so cool, so real that you will fool yourself!

Obviously because this is the Alakazam Academy as well as learning all the great effects from our multiple amazing camera angles you get to really see into the mind of this amazing creator.

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