Manoj Kaushal – Decipher (Gimmick not included)


A powerful, deceptive and easy-to-use mentalism utility. “Decipher” is the ultimate peek envelope you’ve been waiting for.

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With “Decipher” by Manoj Kaushal, you can quickly and easily decipher anything written or drawn by a participant.

You hand a business card to your helper and ask them to write or draw anything they’d like. This business card is then sealed in an envelope. You close the flap, show both sides of the envelope, and lay it on the table. In this innocent action, you’ve secretly obtained all the information you need.

Decipher is simple to learn, easy to use and delivers amazing results.

The innovative design of “Deciper” allows you to:

  • Show both sides of the envelope
  • Get your peek in a justified way during a moment that makes sense
  • Have a larger writing area for longer messages or bigger images
  • Instantly reset

“Decipher” is the peek envelope Manoj has been using in his professional gigs for years. This is the first time he’s sharing it with the magic and mentalism community. It is the smoothest way to get your peek and amaze audiences of all sizes. “Decipher” is truly the ultimate mentalism and magic accessory.

It is available in three versions: Black, Red and Manila.

Each “Decipher” set comes with 3 “Decipher” envelopes”(in your chosen color) and a detailed instruction video showing you routines, tips and subtleties. You’ll learn everything you need to consistently wow your audience with “Decipher.”