Main Event: The Knockout Magic of Caleb Wiles By Caleb Wiles (all 2 Volumes)


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Caleb Wiles is a creative force in card magic. Known for his diabolical methods and engaging presentations, Caleb’s magic is defined by efficient methods. With a minimum of sleights, these tricks achieve maximum impact.

This two-disc DVD set is jam-packed with the very best of Caleb’s original material: both a “greatest hits” and a healthy helping of new and unpublished magic. Every single trick is a knockout. This is hard-hitting magic that you will use!

You’ll learn Caleb’s definitive, updated handling for his seminal “Reswindled” effect. The original routine is used by professionals worldwide. This new version adds a visual climax that makes it even better! Then there is the whimsical “All Signs Point to Yes” in which drawings on a playing card come to life to divine a selection…You will learn “Armchair Mindreading,” a mentalism-style card effect that will stun even the most knowledgeable magicians … and much more.

Trick List:

Travelers for Jack – For the first time, Caleb explains the highlight of his close-up show. This is one everybody will be talking about!
Reswindled 2.0 – A visual update to Caleb’s acclaimed Reset routine.
iDeck – A geeky card trick with a fun, commercial presentation and a kicker ending!
Replicator – A topical presentation for Hamman’s Signed Card effect with some outside interference from an odd-backed card.
Make a Wish… Again – A practical, birthday-themed card effect that is easy enough for the relative beginner but strong enough for the working pro.
Clue – An easy-to-do effect using a fascinating and rarely-seen card magic principle. Watch out for the curveball at the end!
All Signs Point to Yes – A playful premise for a visual routine that leaves the spectator with a wonderful souvenir. Joshua Jay calls this a “blockbuster practical effect.”
Semi-Automatic Luck Test – Your tag team partner shuffles the deck, then defies the odds by producing the Kings… AND the Aces!
Cross-Eyed Triumph – An explosive production of a named four-of-a-kind… and that’s only the beginning!
Armchair Mind Reading – This simple effect has fooled some of the best card guys in the world. It looks like real mind reading… and it’s completely self-working!
Lucky Shuffle – An always-ready-to-go closer where the method is as awesome as the effect. They’ll call you the Match-o Man after this one!
Elimin-ACE-ion – An over-the-top rope elimin-ACE-ion match mixing magic and mentalism.
Here-A-Move, There-A-Move, Everywhere-A-Move-Move – A finger-flinging eye-popper using four ungaffed Aces. Plus, Caleb teaches Elevation, a fantastic trick from Joshua Jay!
Paparazzi Pack – A self-working showpiece with run-ins from a huge cast of characters.
Little Fella Grows Up – A false dealing demonstration that does not require any false deals. Just call it the Royal Rumble Flush!

BONUS: Moves – As a bonus, Caleb teaches a host of moves, including his fantastically versatile false cut/control. Say goodbye to the double undercut forever.

Running Time: 3 hours 52 minutes

“Caleb Wiles is the real deal. His methods are devious, his presentations are clever and fun, and he’s got loads of natural ability.”David Williamson

“Caleb Wiles has the unparalleled ability to see the potential of principles and concepts that the rest of us may see as inert (or not see at all) and the result is just plain brilliant: Highly commercial card magic, never difficult or unwieldy, that will fool the pants off just about everybody! ‘The Knockout Magic Of Caleb Wiles” is his best collection yet.”Jack Carpenter

“If you’re looking for magic that is easy to do, yet extremely deceptive, this DVD should be your first port of call! I am a big Caleb Wiles fan!”Andi Gladwin

“I’ve been fan of Caleb Wiles for years. This new project triumphs with brilliant thinking, creative hooks, and intricately structured methods. If you love cards, you’ll love this set. Bravo, Caleb!”John Guastaferro

“Caleb is one of my favorite card creators. He creates unusual, high-impact card magic that is easy to do and astounds everyone, from laymen to magicians.”Joshua Jay

I’ve been a fan of the card magic of Caleb Wiles for many years. This new collection is a joy to watch! Loaded with practical miracle after miracle which won’t bust your knuckles either. The variety in this 2 volume set is fantastic too, encompassing predictions, mystery cards, gambling and so much more. I have absolutely no hesitation in giving this my very highest recommendation to card magicians around the world!John Carey