Mahdi Gilbert – Penguin LIVE ACT (March 17th, 2019)



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“My inspiration”  David Blaine

“An extrodainary magician ” – Derren Brown

I believe Mahdi will be remembered in history as one of the great magicians” – Juan Tamariz

“You fooled us!” – Penn Jillette

“The perfect magician” – Teller

“You are amazing!” – Dynamo

What will he teach?

This is my intimate close-up set with cards featuring some of my most powerful material.

Two Card Transposition

Ambitious Card


Card to Pocket

Oil and Water

In the beginning the audience has no idea who I am, both as a person & as a magician. Experience has taught me that my first impression must be strong & reel the audience in. I open with a visual & direct piece of card magic to capture their attention and gain their interest. Once I have that I slowly bring them into my world, forcing them to leave their everyday reality and enter into my inner world which is a place that anything can happen. Playing cards come to life and transform in front of their very eyes. What is lost is found, what is buried rises, what is kept secret is revealed. We all start as distant strangers and by the end we have bonded by incredible & impossible experiences.

Who is he?

Mahdi Gilbert is a Canadian professional sleight of hand card magician, who was born without hands or feet. Mahdi appeared on the third season of “Penn & Teller: Fool Us”, and fooled the duo, granting him a trip to Las Vegas to appear as their opening act. Gilbert was in the documentary Our Magic, and also contributed to the research of the book The Greatest German Living by the late Ricky Jay, which is about Matthias Buchinger, who was a magician born in 1674, similarly without hands or feet.

Mahdi was forced to reinvent magic for himself, literally redefining how a deck of cards can be handled. He performs wonders without hands, walks the Earth without feet and is a living miracle to everyone he meets. A rare gentleman and scoundrel, Mahdi palms without palms, shuffles without fingers and is living proof that nothing is impossible.