Mahdi Gilbert – Finders Keepers


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“My inspiration” David Blaine

“An extraordinary magician “ – Derren Brown

I believe Mahdi will be remembered in history as one of the great magicians” – Juan Tamariz

“The perfect magician” – Teller

“You are amazing!” – Dynamo

“You fooled us!” – Penn Jillette

Mahdi Gilbert is known for his beautiful thinking, and his inventive card work. With Finders Keepers he applies a fresh twist on a classic coin effect. In Finders Keepers the magician borrows a handful of change from a spectator. While the magician’s back is turned the spectator selects a coin and then mixes it back into the the rest of the change. Without any fishing or equivoke the magician is able to correctly identify the coin. The best part is there are no secret marks or gimmicks. All of the coins are actually borrowed. Finders Keepers is an impromptu miracle! Finders Keepers is easy to do, and Mahdi teaches not only how to do this effect, but also tips some great presentational hooks and motivations so that you too can get huge reactions. Once you find out the secret you’ll know this trick is a keeper.