Lior Manor – The Selfie Card Trick


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This is the only cards effect I do in my show. Its very funny and entertaining. Too bad Lior decided to release it.
highly recommend

“21st century interactive entertainment for
magicians and mentalists that
is clever and so very entertaining!
Great idea Lior!”

Another ***extremely*** clever and hilariously funny routine from Lior Manor.

This man really understands commercial material like nobody’s business.

As Lior says you can put this into your show or your act literally within minutes after having seen it. And as Ran said, it engages the whole audience in laughter with no “work” and nothing to memorize.

For someone like myself that does not do a lot of comedy material, this release is particularly attractive to me – as the comedy is totally self working and the audience will absolutely love it. And the spectator gets a souvenir to share.

The Selfie Trick’ by Lior is testimony to Lior’s creative genius. It is undoubtedly a fun effect but it’s also so much more. It involves the whole audience, it builds rapport and gets the audience on your side (invaluable). Even more than that it’s a great promotional tool with a potential give-away at the end which is a fantastic vehicle for future bookings. In the hands of a working pro this is gold.