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The “Mobile Opener”, or as it is known in the USA as “The Cell Opener”, is offered now at an attractive price.

Now you can get the routine with three extra movies. Watch Lior do the routine in front of a live audience and see their reactions, listen to new jokes and have fun!

Then learn all you need to know in another movie where Lior will teach you new and old ideas, give you many tips and share some new secrets.

This is updated with more routines and more ways how to make your own Calculator (or any other “Add A No” device.

The “Mobile Opener” is an original and clever routine which is simple to perform, and gets everyone in the audience involved using their cell phones.

It is an “Add a Number” style revelation that can help you introduce a speaker or present a client’s product.

This routine is mental magic at its best. It is a good routine for big stage, small stage and even a drawing room.