Lewis LeVal – THE INFLUENCER (Video + PDF)


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The Influencer by Lewis Le Val

This brand new download from Lewis Le Val contains 3 impromptu mentalism effects that require no gimmicks, minimal setup and can be performed with borrowed objects.

The Influencer
A prediction card is given to a spectator to keep in their pocket. They shuffle the deck and name a number. You immediately begin dealing the cards one at a time FACE UP. The card at the spectator’s chosen number perfectly matches the prediction card that has been in their pocket from the beginning! The best part is, they can change their number WHILST THE CARDS ARE BEING DEALT! They can even randomly call out STOP at any point. No matter what decisions they make, the card will always be at their number or wherever they stop.

No maths
No culling
No bottom or second deals
Genuine shuffles
Borrowed deck
Surefire method

Le Val’s engaging script and presentation is detailed in the PDF, and you will also recieve an 8 minute video download which teaches you the method, an incredibly useful utility move, and also a collection of handling variations for you to choose from.

Le Secret Rouge
You are influenced by a borrowed lipstick to reveal the secret thoughts of its owner. This is direct mind reading! Your spectator thinks of one of any number of words (or symbols, shapes, anything you want) written on your busines card. This is a completely free choice. Then without any fishing, anagrams or guessing, you can prove you know exactly what they are thinking of.

Completely impromptu and zero setup. What if nobody has a lipstick or your spectators are all men? No problem, use one of the beautiful presentations to completely justify bringing your own.

Le Val’s Red Secret is a gimmickless use of a classic concept in mentalism with endless possibilities!

Memory Call
Memory Call, or Memo Recall is the perfect, impromptu mentalism effect for the next time someone asks, “Can I film you do something?” They hit record and you explain that you will use a psychological technique to influence them to choose a certain card in the deck. The technique then works, but did they notice the subliminal message? Of course not. Luckily, it’s on video! They play the video of your performance back and make a startling discovery as they hear you clearly giving secret instructions to their sunconscious to choose the card that they did!

Super simple method, works every time!

You will recieve a PDF and an 8 minute video in a compressed, zipped folder. 119.1mb in total.