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More mentalism from Lewis Le Val that does not require the use of deception or trickery in any way. Everything you do here is HAPPENING FOR REAL!

Ethos is a combination of simple techniques that will allow you to very easily begin using THE POWER OF SUGGESTIONin your mentalism performances!
Known for his best selling ebooks on suggestion and hypnosis (ICAIS 1&2) and hypnotic work on international television, Lewis Le Val shares a very simple method for introducing suggestion, that will allow you to remain confident in your efforts without worry of things not working or going wrong.
The only prop you will need is a pendulum.
Once your preferred level of suggestion has been established, you can continue the performance ENTIRELY PROPLESS.
What happens:
The pendulum begins by moving normally in your spectator’s hand.
Moments later, your spectator finds themselves unable to physically LET GO OF THE PENDULUM! 
– The main Ethos technique and its contributing elements
– Clever tips, tricks and subtleties to make things happen smoother and enhance the experience
– How to apply your own suggestions (and some ideas to get you started)
– Working with the ‘crystal ball’ of the subconscious mind
– How to use these techniques to provide impromptu readings without ever having to memorise anything
and more.
You will receive two video downloads:
Video Two (Mind Reading) duration: 23:48