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Archetype centres around a solid psychological concept that is instantly engaging, easily adaptable and incredibly STRONG!

Not only will you be able to know your spectator’s thoughts and describe their personality, you will be leaving them with one of the most useful and inspiring psychological techniques that they will continue to use in their daily life for a very long time!

Archetype uses a number of ideas made popular by Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist, Carl Gustav Jung, that have been reworked and altered by Lewis Le Val to create a simple, modern and powerful piece of mentalism!

In Archetype, your spectator discovers one of twelve personality/character types buried deep within their psyche. This is instantly more engaging than Astrology. You are then able to reveal this character type, without your spectator ever saying anything, or writing anything down. After the reveal and a brief reading, you share something with them that they will remember forever, and it is THIS that will set you apart from every other mentalist!

Excerpt from the ebook:
“I briefly introduce the archetypes and explain how they are different from astrological signs. I have my spectator discover the archetype that resonates with them at the current point in their life, and I am able to reveal it without them ever saying anything out loud. This can be done with a psychological approach as if you are able to read the person and know which archetype they are most like, or more of a spiritual way as if you can just sense this about them and sense what kind of person they are. Then, I give them a brief reading, a few lines about what their archetype says about them. Finally, I tell them how they can begin to use their chosen archetype in their daily life to unlock secrets about who they truly are, on the deepest psychological and emotional level, as well as finding guidance from within.”

Immediately after this, you will discover the method. Simple, direct and works EVERY TIME. Archetype can also be instantly repeated, and can be performed with zero memorization.

The method of gaining the information is old and reliable. All you need to perform Archetype are 5 or less business cards that you write something on, that can be kept in your wallet, ready to perform anytime, anywhere.

This ebook provides you with everything you need to know to begin performing Archetype instantly, including a number of special subtleties and cleverly scripted lines to help you get the most out of this concept!

Say goodbye to Astrology signs, the Archetypes are here!