Levent – The Manipulation Act


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WARNING: This DVD includes the explanation of some fire effects.  Any theatrical use of open flames is extremely dangerous.

This DVD is a complete explanation of Levent’s manipulation act from the 1980s.

The content of this amazing 100 minute long DVD includes the following tricks:

One-Handed Vanishing Cane to Silk

Self Igniting Fantasio Candle

Slow Motion Candle to Ball

The Vanishing Ball (Sleeving Technique)

Silk Production From Cigarette Case

Lit Match to Silk

Fountain of Silk to Lit Candle Production

Cigarette to Fire Bowl (or Dove)

Fan of Dollar Bills to Jumbo Bill (Lu Brent)

Jumbo Coins and Silk Routine (Based on Fred Kaps)

Jumbo Coin to Double Spring Bill Production

Boutonnière Flower to Silk

Vanishing and Reappearing Flower Routine

Fan of Cards from Silk

Instant Single Card to Flower

Levent’s Packet Style Card Fan Vanish

Diminishing Cards (Cardini)

Levent’s Diminishing Card Routine with Double Fan Production Finale

Split Fan Techniques (Levent’s and Cardini’s)

Levent’s Original Left Hand Fan Productions

Single Card Productions (Cardini)

Levent’s Original Left Handed Single Card Productions

Cards from Mouth (Downs)

Flash Paper Flower to Lit Candle

Slow Motion Lit Candle to Flower that Jumps to Lapel

Fan of Cards that Splits into Two and then Transforms to Jumbo Cards (Hamman)

Levent’s Original Method for the Jumbo Spinner Card Around Body

Flaming Dancing Cane

Dove to Japanese Throw Streamers