Laura London – Penguin Live Act (October 28th, 2018)


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“When you think of card cheats, the image that first comes to mind does not look like Laura London. Until after you’ve seen her show, at which point her wily charms will have moved her to the front of the line!”– Max Maven

“It has always been a joy to watch Laura work, her sleight-of-hand skills and dexterous abilities are not only as natural as they could possibly be, but also gracefully wonderful to watch. She is without out a doubt, one of the finest playing-card-technicians that I have ever had the pleasure to have sat at the card table with.”– Daniel Madison

“Laura London is not just a fantastic magician, she is a WORKER. The material she performs in her Cheat Act has been refined and audience tested for many years, all over the world. Laura’s done the hard part. All you have to do is watch, listen and learn.”– Chad Long

What will she teach?

Name an Ace- A fun way to produce any ace named. Great if you want to have a card quickly chosen and signed. Depending on what they choose, we talk about greek deals, crimps and shuffling controls.

An Ambitious Card- This routine is inspired by Michael Ammar. It’s a series of moves including Wesley James’ ‘Load up’. I use this effect to create a unique presentation to describe the similarities of the card cheat and the magician.

Card Counting Demo- This routine can be done with ANY stack. It is using a mem deck presentation that dupes the audience into thinking you have an extraordinary memory and great card counting skills.

Instinct/ Red and Black- This routine is using John Kennedy’s method for a classic Red and Black effect. I have my own presentation and subtleties that make this a really unique visual piece that works on stage and for close up using two audience members.

Shuffle Tracking- Using a very clever idea by David Britland, this is a great way to convince the audience of your tracking skills but better still… Your spectator will also be able to track cards too! With this deck you will also be able to do an ACAAN. It is simple to perform and we talk about how to ‘gaff’ the deck.

Order- This routine is the penultimate effect in my show CHEAT. This is a piece that is very close to my heart. I usually perform it to music. A shuffled deck is restored to order through an impressive series of moves, deals and shuffles. Inspired by Daniel Madison.

In this lecture I also talk of the creative process in writing my show CHEAT.

Who is she?

Laura’s interest in magic began when she was only 10 years old and just one week after her 18th birthday, she became the youngest female member of The Magic Circle, 16 years later, Laura is a member of the Inner Magic Circle with gold star.

Initially concentrating on a wide range of close-up magic, Laura now concentrates on cards and her exceptional skills have taken her to the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe in a show she devised and wrote herself ‘Laura London: Cheat’, receiving 4 star reviews across the board, she also reprised the show at the ‘Secret Cellar’ at London’s Vaulty Towers.

Her close up and card skills have made her one of the most in demand magicians in London– with residencies that have included Café Royal, Rosewood hotel, The Savoy and the Hippodrome Casino. She is currently at the Café de Paris and Circus London.

Her performances at corporate and private parties have taken her around the world including Mumbai, Tokyo, Sydney, Dubai, New York, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Laura has had the great honour to perform on several occasions to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales and also at Buckingham Palace for Her Majesty the Queen.
Laura’s TV credits include ITV1’s ‘The Next Great Magician’ and ‘Penn and Teller’s ‘Fool Us’, ‘The Magic Party’ for BBC NI, ‘Children In Need’ and ‘Playing Tricks’.

Further to all of this Laura has become an expert on the history of women in magic and is now being called upon the give talks on the subject.