Larry Hass – Life Magic (official PDF version)

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Larry Hass is the Dean of McBride’s Magic & Mystery School.

In this book about life and magic, you will find:

  • A previously unpublished, deep-fooling card routine.
  • An Inspirational public address about living as a magician.
  • An essay about the important place of magic in our lives.

“With the publication of Inspirations, Larry Hass has made a significant and long-lasting contribution to our art.” 
– Lance Burton

“Larry Hass has personally helped me become a better magician and a deeper thinker.”
– Jeff McBride

“Larry Hass is an inspiring teacher and a joyful man to know.”
– Teller

“Thank you, Larry, for doing so much to help raise the intellectual level of our beloved art of magic!”
– Juan Tamariz