Landon Swank – Reflections (A Complete Guide to Shiners)


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How would you like to know every card dealt from a spectator-shuffled deck? Forget those marked decks and check out Reflections (A Complete Guide to Shiners) instead!

This is the third release in the Complete Control, Card Sharping Series. In it, Landon Swank shows you the real work for making and using your own shiners for miraculous effects. These are the same ones he uses in his own gambling exposés, and you can learn all the ins and outs and so much more!

Soon every card dealt will be known to you, giving you a huge advantage for a multitude of effects. So get a leg up on your spectators and order your copy today!

“If you’re looking to expand your card sleight arsenal, look no further, ‘Complete Control’ will give you the ability to do some insane card cheat techniques. Landon gives you the tools to blow people’s minds!!!”Criss Angel

“I have known Landon Swank for a while now, and the most important thing I know about him when it comes to magic is this: he is a perfectionist with a thirst for knowledge and application. Landon absorbs it all, and while thinking outside the box, he contributes in both a progressive and positive way, making our art better for it. He takes sophisticated, difficult material, and not only demonstrates, but also explains it in a way that everyone can understand. Landon is like a pit bull. He latches on, and he does not let go until every single difficult sleight or move is chewed up. Then, he spits it out as natural as can be. Want to make a living… Get this!!!”Banachek