Kostya Kimlat – Roadrunner Cull Vol.1


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You’re about to learn one of the most useful and versatile techniques in all of card magic. After years of teaching the Cull to magicians in lectures and workshops throughout the Unites States, England, Europe, Asia and South America, Kostya is finally releasing all of the work. Whether you’re just beginning or have been culling for years – your technique will improve significantly. And with your ability to cull cards, you will have the ultimate card weapon in your hands, ensuring the success of every performance.

“If you engage yourself with the information presented on this DVD, then you’re about to become a better magician.”
– Michael Ammar

“In less than a quarter of a minute, no matter what the condition of the cards, and under the guise of what appears to be a casual stroll through the pack, The Roadrunner Cull allows you to cull multiple cards incredibly quick. Reds separate from blacks. Face-up cards melt apart from the face-down ones. It happens faster than you can believe.”
-MAGIC magazine

“Kostya is an exciting card master making a national impact on the art of close-up magic.”
– The Magic Castle

“If you’re inclined to trust my word on the matter…buy a copy. It’s that good.”
– Jason England (Critical Reviewer for MAGIC Magazine)

“I can cull! I always had problems with culling more than one card but now, thanks to you, I can cull anything!”
– Danny Archer

“Fantastic production and I love the use of clear cards for the ultimate learning! Magicians of any level can learn and become better from watching this DVD.”
– Joshua Jay

“I’ve been doing the cull over 45 years and I can say after watching your DVD my cull instantly got better.”
– Allan Ackerman