Kent Cummins – The Impossible Red X + the pdf – (gimmicked cards not included)


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It’s a card trick with an imaginary deck of cards. An audience volunteer pretends to take a card from an imaginary deck. Next, they draw a Big Red X on the face of the imaginary card using a real Magic Marker. The volunteer then places the imaginary marked card, upside down, into the imaginary deck. Suddenly, the imaginary deck becomes a real deck! The cards are removed from the box and spread to show that there is only one reversed card in the deck! When the reversed card is turned around it is shown to be the selected card and it has a BIG RED X on the face!


Perfect for close-up, strolling, or stand-up magic shows. Great for trade shows or celebrity celebrations. The trick is so powerful that Kent once lost a job because one of the spectators was convinced that he was performing real magic!


Comes with everything you need, including Bicycle brand playing cards, red marker, complete script, and an hour video download in which Kent Cummins teaches all of the tricks of the trade that he has learned in more than thirty years of performing this effect.


The Impossible Red X was a reputation maker for Kent. Now it can be a reputation maker for you.


NOTE: This is NOT like the Jay Sankey version. In this version there is no play on words. The freely named card is shown to the be the ONLY ONE with a BIG RED X on its face, all other cards are normal. 


“That’s impossible!”
-Rick Perry after seeing The Impossible Red X at a Christmas party at the Texas Governor’s Mansion.


“The only way you could have done that is with a stooge…and I’m not a stooge!”

–Joe Vitale, Internet marketing guru and star of The Secretafter seeing The Impossible Red X at the University of Texas.


“If you ever release this trick, I want to be the first to buy it!”

–Bill Palmer, performing as Merlin the Magician while Kent was performing The Impossible Red X as Felonious the Fool.


“You will fool your audience so completely that after performing The Impossible Red X, you might as well put up the cards, take your bow, and walk away.”

–Kent Cummins, inventor (in 1984) of The Impossible Red X.


“After more than thirty years and thousands of performance, Kent Cummins had finally agreed to put this killer effect on the market. It’s going into my stand-up show today!”

–Cody Fisher, writer, inventor, and full-time professional magician.