Ken Krenzel – Card Classics Vol. 2


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As in Volume 1, Gary Ouellet is host and asks the sort of questions you would ask, if you were watching Ken Krenzel at work in a teaching session. This prodding – asking for repeated showing of a move and questioning the reason for such and such a hold – they help the viewer to properly understand what is taking place. I think this is much better than a card man just demonstrating his material, when you have no opportunity of questioning a move or wish he’d turn his hand or open his fingers so you can see what is taking place during his expert handling.

This volume begins with a discussion of THE PEEK, a specialty for which Ken Krenzel is famous. Here are excellent examples of how to employ and accomplish this important bit of card wizardry. From the free selection to the shuffling, every part of this procedure is clearly explained.

There is a nice pop-up effect with three cards. The little finger crimp move will surprise many and please them when they learn it can be used for multiple selections and is easily controlled.

VANISHING COLLECTORS is the title of a patter theme for the follow-up of this familiar bit of card magic.

LIGHT & HEAVY CARDS is a routine in which small spots are considered light and a many spotted card is considered heavy. Four light cards and one heavy card arc used as, one at a time, they apparently change weight, ending with four heavy cards and one light card. It should also be mentioned that Ken Krenzel constantly gives credits for moves and developments, additions and ideas to such magicians as Vernon, Marlo, Schwarzman, Fulves and others.

Next up are the JACK MILLER.PASS and TRANCENDENTAL TRANSPO. The latter is a beautiful bit of magic in which a card changes as it passes through the hand with no steals or palming. A nice touch of Eddie Tayelbaum’s is part of the routine. This is a routine many will start using once they view the excellent presentation on this video.

You have probably used an effect where two halves of the deck are interlaced and one half turned at an angle so the cards have an appearance of a gun. This is used to locate a chosen card by flicking the back of one half of the gun and having the selected card fly out. Several versions of this trick are in the literature. THE MAGlC BULLET, as shown by Ken Krenzel, introduces several fine points and features that will appeal to the ardent card worker. It is very clean and quite deceptive.

There is a NEW PEEK CONTROL in which the card is immediately, and secretly, stolen, after the peek. Marlo and Krenzel methods are shown and whether top or bottom card controls are used, it can prove a very deceptive bit of card magic, providing angles are considered. It can be used with one or several persons peeking at cards.

Material covered: Ken Krenzel on the PEEK (this section alone could have been a separate program!), Vanishing Collectors, Light & Heavy Cards, Jack Miller Pass, Trancendental Transpo, The Magic Bullet, New Peek Control (not in print)