Ken Dyne – Thinking Ahead (Instant Download)


An exploration of close up mentalism direct from the notebooks of Ken Dyne.

Four complete routines which together perform an assault on the classic One Ahead Principal unlike anything you’ve ever seen, bringing it right up to date and making it more deceptive than ever.

These routines are ready for modern audiences, compelling, entertaining and completely fooling.

Designed for causal or formal close up there’s a routine with coins, some billets, some business cards and a smashing double prediction card effect!

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“This pdf is a breath of fresh air! There are great idea on a classic of mentalism which are worth to learn and apply in your own performances. I personally LOVE the routine “Saving Grace”, this will go straight in my close up repertoire.”


Very good stuff as always and also very funny

From the introduction:

A lot of us remember learning about ‘one ahead’ from a kid’s magic book of some description and that means we see it as quite transparent or even ‘that old simple thing no one would ever really do’.

To add insult to injury, many of us have seen some kind of one-ahead routine performed so badly that it’s completely see-through.

However, every time I saw some One-Ahead routine I’d always be left with a stinging feeling that is surely must be possible to make this old principal deceptive in ways that satisfy modern audiences.

This project brings together three routines that each solve the common issues with One Ahead routines, which include:

-Why are pieces of information being called out?
-How do you disconnect the idea that you are using One Ahead from people’s minds?

And more.

Saving Grace is the routine I do most regularly. Armed with just 3 business cards and a pen I am ready to perform this at a moment’s notice and leave a real lasting impression on people.

Ahead Of the Spectrum is something that came together over a number of months as I was trying to consciously figure out some rational as to why things are called out after each phase.

See Sense introduces the concept of Blind One Ahead which is another technique for camouflaging the One Ahead methodology.

Coinucopia allows you to force a coin and predict which hand someone is holding it in.

As with all my work, it’s not my desire that you go out into the world and perform my routines as-is, but that they act as stimulation for your own ideas.

I hope you enjoy them.

Ken Dyne
March 2019