Karl Hein – Truffle Shuffle 2.0

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The Truffle Shuffle 2.0 is Karl Hein’s development of Derek Delgaudio’s sensational Truffle Shuffle.

This is, in our opinion, the best in-the-hands false riffle shuffle in existence. While it might look like a normal shuffle, it is in fact completely false. It does not disturb the order of the cards at all.

So, what makes this version better than other in-the-hands false shuffles? In short, all of the small subtleties. Karl has devised a method which makes it look like one half the deck is being legitimately shuffled into the other. In fact, the clever workings mean that the two halves always stay separate. This is a reliable, deceptive and convincing false shuffle that you will e able to incorporate into any of your card routines.

In this download, Karl teaches you the mechanics of the shuffle in terrific detail. The over the shoulder, close-up angle makes the learning experience excellent. It will take some practice as the move is not easy, but if you are prepared to put in the time, you will end up with a false shuffle that you will use forever.

Note: The Truffle Shuffle 2.0 has been released with the gracious permission of Derek Delgaudio.