Justin Miller – THE POOR MAN’S COIN BOX (Gimmick not included)

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I LOVE everything about the classic Chop Cup routine…except the actual Chop Cup.

Who in the hell carry’s around a HUGE bag with a BIG magnetic cup these days? It is NOT practical and there needs to be a better solution.


TPPMCBS is TOTALLY self contained and was designed and created for the worker in mind.

The effect is simple and very powerful.

A story of how you saved your money as a kid not with a piggy bank but a water bottle lid that you keep in a very small velvet bag.

You take out the lid and 3 american quarters.

EVERYTHING IS EXAMINABLE before and after the routine is performed.

One at a time the quarters vanish from your hands and reappear in a stack under the lid. The last coin happens in their hands.

The 3 coins are cleanly and fairly placed under the lid one more time. They cover the lid with their hand. The coins are audibly removed (thanks to the coin rattle gimmick) under the lid (that is FULLY EXAMINABLE at that moment) and reappears back in the velvet bag that was empty just a second ago. As a final load (it matches the story) a solid DIE appears under the lid! And the best part is that it is an INSTANT reset. The moment the lid and coins go back in the bag you can perform it INSTANTLY for another group. ZERO reset!

I will teach you my work for the first time on my retention vanish and the psychology behind Goshman’s Coin loads directly sequenced into a coin box routine and why you SHOULD always pick up the object with the “dirty” hand.

This is a PROFESSIONALLY designed set and routine that will have them remembering you for the rest of their lives.

Coin magic does not have to be difficult when you use THE POOR MAN’S COIN BOX SET!