Justin Higham – Reflections (+ Bonus)


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Unlike the gambler’s secret shiner, hidden in the hand or under the table, reflectors are found in the environment wherever you are.

From cafés and bars to your home living room, in this film Justin Higham opens up a whole world of

reflectors hidden in plain sight.What you will receive in this download:

  • REFLECTIONS – A Film by Justin Higham (over 14 reflectors revealed)
  • REFLECTIONS – Bonus Feature (deleted scenes with extra reflectors)

Of the reflector principle, Justin Higham says “Along with principles of improvisation, the reflector concept is the number one most fooling principle I have ever used. I have deceived top-flight card magicians 7 or 8 times in a row with the same trick using reflectors, with no clue as to method.”

Along with reflectors, Higham also reveals one or two card effects to get you started; but the aim of this video is not to teach tricks, but a PRINCIPLE that you can apply in your own, unique way. Whether magician or mentalist, you will be sure to apply this principle to create startling effects.

Total running time: 30 mins