Jose Prager, Lewis Le Val and Drew Backenstoss – Adivina


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“Small details make perfection, but perfection is no small detail.” -Michelangelo

Often the smallest of nuances can elevate your performance from an amusing diversion to an astonishing piece of powerful mind reading. Adivina delivers three such subtleties that will enhance the impact of your performances and help you establish yourself as a true seer in the eyes of your audiences.

Jose Prager, Lewis La Val, and Drew Backenstoss team up to give you a variety of strategies that will allow you to seemingly predict occurrences completely outside of your control. Within this concise eBook you will learn:

The Broken Glass

Prove that you knew when a glass would be accidentally broken during your performance and who would break it.

The Buzz

Demonstrate a sixth sense surrounding when someone will receive a notification on their phone.

You Were Missed

Predict who, last minute, will be absent from your meeting with a prospective client.

Each subtlety is intended to be used along side of your current repertoire to leave a lasting impression on your audiences.

In full disclosure these subtleties won’t hit 100% of the time, after all you are dealing with genuine predictions regarding a chaotic world, but they will succeed FAR MORE OFTEN then they won’t – and with ZERO risk of perceived failure there is nothing to lose by integrating them into your existing material.