John van der Linden – The Extreme Svenpad Supreme Ebook (original pdf)


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This is the ULTIMATE BOOK that you’ve been patiently waiting for.

Discover a SvenPads® Tour de Force: a compendium of creativity overflowing with 324 PAGES of eXtreme NEW routines, “out of the box” handlings, step by step demonstrations, and never before seen SvenPad® ideas.

This is EXACTLY the type of “dream” book that SvenPad® buyers all over the world have been clamoring for… a detailed NEW road-map & springboard to demonstrate how your seemingly innocent pads of paper can (and will) slay audiences, yet never be suspected.

The eXtreme SvenPad® eBOOK will SUPER-CHARGE your existing SvenPads® explaining innovative Forcing techniques and 70+ FULLY DETAILED ROUTINES. When you open this book you will smile ear to ear as you pore over 250 gorgeous color photos – and ideas that will spark your imagination.

This masterpiece is destined to be the final word for wringing out MAXIMUM IMPACT from your arsenal of SvenPads®. Every style of pad is covered in detail – with in depth photos and unique routines for the various SvenPad® styles to obtain the best possible outcomes.

With this eXtreme SvenPad® Supreme eBook, John van der Linden has served up the ULTIMATE mentalists “cookbook” with deliciously clever routines, ultra smart handling tips, and a launching pad for your creativity.

Mystery Entertainer, Memory Expert and eXtreMentalist John van der Linden from the Netherlands spend a full year to write the Ultimate SvenPad® guide the eXtreme SvenPad® Supreme eBook.

The eXtreme SvenPad® Supreme eBook has 324 pages

Filled with Demonstrations, New Handlings, New ways to set-up your Pad and many useful Tips and Ideas!

You will find a large list of basic ideas that you can immediately use but also some devilish handlings and ideas most of them completely new and changing the way you will use your SvenPad® forever!

With almost 250 very clear pictures and drawings that will make it very easy to read and understand!