John Riggs – Magic From the Ambient Domain


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The author is a professional entertainer; that means he entertains to eat! His magic, therefore, has to be clever and deceptive, and presented with an interesting plot. And John is enough of a pragmatist to want most of them to re-set easily, too. Magic from the Ambient Domain is crammed with that kind of magic!

Included are professional routines with coins, cards, balloons, forks as well as other items. John at one time or another has used all of the routines in this book and he considered marketing several of the effects separately. Some are certainty good enough. If you use the magic in this book, you are guaranteed to transport your amazed audience to the Ambient Domain!


Chapter One
Brain Bleed
Card on Ceiling

Professional’s Handbook
Two-Headed Coin
Absolutely Wild
Bluff Sandwich
No Brainer Invisible Deck
Shot from the Hip
Flying Turkeys
Flip over Fork
Happy Birthday
Four Card Triumph
Napoleonic Card
Misdirection: essay

Chapter Two
Balloon Work: about 11 figures

Details: Magic from the Ambient Domain, by John Riggs
©1996 Magic Methods
94 pages, Perfect-bound, Size: 8.5 by 11″.

SKILL LEVEL-Experienced/Medium