John Lovick – Penguin Live Lecture (September 21st, 2014)


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“Handsome Jack is a serious-minded, clever, and hilarious magician that I highly recommend you go see if you get the chance. His show goes far beyond good.” – Jamy Ian Swiss in Genii magazine

“Hilarious! You have a twisted mind. If the Coen Brothers were to create a magician, it would be Handsome Jack.” – Jason Alexander

“Watching you perform is like watching a Ninja in action. You slip in, destroy your targets, then slip out unharmed.” – Bill Pullman

“You’re very talented. And handsome. But mostly talented.” – Holly Hunter

“You are a true artist.” – Lucy Liu

“My wife and I hate magic, but we loved your show.” – J.K. Simmons

“Of course you can quote me.” – Morgan Freeman

What will he teach?

His lecture focuses on material that can be done both in close-up and stand-up/parlour settings, and are all routines right out of his working repertoire.

Items he will be teaching include:

  • Saint Jack Comedy Prophecy
  • Eyes Wide Shut, his handling of the Risque Aces
  • His famous Bottle Production
  • Win-a-Date Lotto
  • A stunning Confabulation routine
  • A Torn and Restored Newspaper… that doesn’t use a newspaper!
  • Multiplex Interchange, Reset with Cards to Pocket

He will also share some of his ideas about performance, character, and scripting.

Who is he?

John Lovick lives in Los Angeles, where he works as a performer, writer, and theater director. His secret alter ego, Handsome Jack, performs regularly at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, where he has been nominated eleven years in a row as Parlour Magician of the Year (which means he has lost eleven years in a row!)

John is perhaps best known in the world of magic as the author of SWITCH: Unfolding the 100 Bill Change. He is also known for his product reviews and performer profiles that have appeared in MAGIC and Genii magazines.

He is the creator of “The Reparation”, a popular Torn and Restored Card handling that has been a best selling item for the last fifteen years. He is the co-author of Aaron Fisher’s The Paper Engine and wrote Experience, and MAYHEW, books about the magic of Jon Allen and Steve Mayhew, respectively.

He has performed throughout the United States and has lectured to magic organizations in Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, and Malaysia.