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John was one of the first Vanishing Inc. artists and we are so proud to continue representing his gorgeous magic with this latest selection of downloads. Available exclusively from Vanishing Inc., this 2017 download bundle, a includes three fantastic effects including John’s ace cutting routine which has been creating waves throughout the magic world. This is the first time that these routines have been taught on film and we know that you are going to LOVE them! Buy all three downloads for $15 and save money!

Grade A Choice

John Guastaferro’s magic is so, so, so magnetic. By this we mean that watching John is to be drawn into a clear, unusual premise, and to be swept away with action-packed magic. He doesn’t create tricks; he creates routines, routines that are logical, tight in construction, and use only the moves necessary to accomplish the trick effectively.

“Grade A Choice” is an Ace location effect, but it’s beautifully anchored at the beginning and the end by placing a “mystery” card in the pocket. This card plays a role later, when a very unexpected transposition occurs.“Grade A Choice” uses only a regular pack of cards and basic sleight-of-hand, making it a total winner for the Vanishing Inc. Magic world!

Everywhere and No Way!Amaze them at the end. That’s what it’s all about, right? We can discuss and debate what makes for a great magic trick, but if you can amaze them at the end, you’ve done your job as a magician. “Everywhere and No Way” is a great magic trick in which you find the Queen of Spades over and over again. It appears, momentarily, that you have many Queen of Spades.

But this trick is all about amazing them at the end. And at the end of the trick you show that all the cards have turned blank. No Queens, just blank cards.

The best part is that “Everywhere and No Way” is a stand-up card trick, meaning that it’s designed for a large-ish group of people, ideally 10-30. The moves required are basic and easy to do, and the plot is fun, impossible along the way, and then shocking at the end. No gimmicks are needed, other than a regular blank deck of cards.

All In Your Hands

This is clever. Using a subtle shuffle dodge at the beginning of the routine, you are able to control four Aces during a spectator-shuffle. This sequence can be used for many other applications, but here John G uses it for a spectator-cuts-to-and-turns-over-the-Aces.

What we love about John’s presentation is how casual and engaging he is. The spectators do a series of actions that result in finding all four Aces, but the blackjack premise is a realistic one, and one that everyone can relate to.