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The Alakazam Academy are proud to present Magic of the Masters Volume 3, presented by our core tutor John Carey. John has selected 12 amazing effects that truly are amazing featuring classics belonging to Marlo, Gardner and Al Leech ( as well as a sprinkling of John’s own creations ).There is so much plot variety here and we just know you will love sitting down with John as he performs and teaches each effect in his own unique style.The material covered comes from some of the greatest minds in magic. You will not be disappointed!

Effects covered include;

  1. All Backs Pot Pourri- Lou Gallo
  2. Casino Countdown- Ed Marlo
  3. The Hotel Mystery- Lou Gallo
  4. Lost and Found PLUS! – Al Leech/John Carey
  5. Slow Motion Collectors- John Carey
  6. Olram’s Open Prediction – Ed Marlo


20 minute break


Second Half:


  1. WOW Departure – Ed Marlo
  2. Automatic Aces- K Fujiwara
  3. The Trick The CAN Be Explained! – Sam Horowitz/John Carey
  4. Just Say Stop! – John Carey
  5. Jackrobatics- David Britland
  6. Prophecy CAAN – John Carey