John Carey – Careys Dozen – Alakazam Online Academy 16th Jan 2018 (FullHD quality)


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So it’s a new year and John Carey is back with a brand new Academy course titled the Carey Dozen! This promises to be the most eclectic course John has presented with Card Magic and Mentalism performed and taught in exacting detail, Carey style!
All of the material taught is unpublished and not on any of Johns video projects or downloads. In other words if you sign up for this course you will be the first magicians to see and learn some fantastic new material anywhere in the world!
It promises to be a fantastic evening of learning live at the Academy, with our multi camera facilities and live chat room, where you can ask the questions and get the answers immediately!
Here’s the effects John will be teaching:
1. Spectator shuffles, cuts and turns over the Aces! A brand new approach to a classic effect you will add immediately to your repertoire. You will love the thinking here!
2. Hummer on Steroids! Bob Hummers’ classical mental monte performed with 8 different coins. The spectator merely thinks of a coin and you amazingly discern it.
3. Influence. A beautiful interlude piece based on the classic which hand effect you can perform anytime and anywhere. No gimmicks, no logic puzzles, nothing!
4. Full deck oil and water. The red and black cards are shuffled together in very fair fashion and separate magically. Features John’s brand new perception false shuffle you will love using in this and many other effects.
5. Dice time do as I do. Carey’s brand new version of this classic effect using a deck of cards and two invisible dice is a real fooler.
6. Toolbox time! Four brand new utility card moves never revealed before are tipped by JC in this last segment of the first half of the course. Knowledge is power!
The spread drop false cut and shuffle
One hand table spread control
Bluff force and control
The giggle switch control
Twenty minute break.
Second Half:
7. Technicolor Reset. John’s version of a Paul Harris classic will delight you with its effect and streamlined approach, as four cards transpose one at a time with four others in slow motion. Beautiful visual card magic.
8. The Ashford Opener. An extremely strong and direct version of the classic Open Prediction you will love.
9. Aces For my friends. A beautiful visual four Ace production you will add straight away to your repertoire.
10. The mystery of the one that got away. An anytime, anywhere mystery you can perform with pocket change. Inspired by the late great Daryl, you will have an effect you can perform at a moments notice.
11. The Trick with no name. No spoilers here. Just you wait and see!
12. Mental Sandwich. A squeaky clean Sandwich revelation with a thought of card
BONUS – Coins of the Realm
The illusive 13th effect is given to you as a bonus. Think the classic Trick That Can’t Be Explained – but with coins! This is something that you will want to add to your repertoire. A beautiful prediction effect that is never the same. John will tip all the nuances, subtleties and work that makes this a stellar piece of Mentalism.