John Bannon – Dealing With It Season 1 Presented By Big Blind Media


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This project closely follows the four volume release of Move Zero, which consists of self-working tricks. Unlike Move Zero, DWI teaches tricks that requires some basic sleight of hand. The format is very similar to the Move Zero project and perhaps some of the material taught on DWI was destined for and cut from one of the Move Zero DVDs. In fact, the “trick bag” track that teaches the Double Dutch False Cut was clearly recorded and produced during the Move Zero sessions.

John Bannon’s Tricks from his first year of a new column in Genii Magazine -New bi-monthly column in Genii Magazine-  compiled on a new DVD with full performances and explanations:

Heart of Glass

Cross Eyed Jacks




Well Tempered Aces

Hybrid Holdout

Double Dutch False Cut