Jim Krenz – Penguin LIVE Lecture (March 15th, 2015)


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“Dude who fooled me the most with cards: In 1991, it was Spain’s Juan Tamariz; In 1992, it was Sweden’s Lennart Green; In 1993, it was Chicago Conjurer Jim Krenz.” – Dan Garrett 

“Jim Krenz was my personal favorite due to his very likable character and absolutely astounding card work. He brought the house down with his signed cards routine.” – Erika Larsen

“I literally saw jaws drop at Krenz’s multiple signed card revelation.” – Hiawatha

“When I was a child, I was fascinated with the magical emotion that I felt upon watching magicians. I could not comprehend anything—what I would see was impossible; now I love to feel this emotion. It does not occur very often. Normally, I can see behind the curtain—I see the “hidden” secrets and the mechanics. But from time to time a magician performs a trick, or several tricks that seem impossible—and the magical emotion returns. This happens to me with Jim Krenz (how wonderful!). For this, thank you Jim!” – Juan Tamariz

What will he teach?

Los Angeles Opener Jim’s version of the Chicago Opener, which makes the routine directly relatable to the audience.

Devilish Divide Jim’s version of Marlo and D’Amico’s classic, named Devilish Miracle.

A Well-Cut Suit Jim’s version of Jumbo Coincidence, wherein the cards are really shuffled, but still match!

All Expense Paid Trip Jim’s cards across routine, done completely in the audience’s hands!

NeoMix Jim’s version of Oil & Water, with an ending that surprises everyone!

Pen Through Anything Jim’s handling of John Cornelius’ Pen Through Anything, which changes the effect from a penetration into a torn and restored miracle.

Ripper Jim’s torn and restored card—when Juan Tamariz saw it, he described it as his favorite version.

Dracula Goes Wild Jim’s Wild Card, set to a horror story.

Imp-Load Jim’s technique for loading a signed card into a card case under the full observation of the audience.

Coins-A-Cross (“Featuring the one behind principle”) A coins across routine that will inspire you to reassess classic principles in magic.

Invisible Triumph A self-working triumph that fools magicians and laymen alike!

Who is he?

Jim has been interested in magic since his fifth year. Fifteen of those years were spent working for Jay and Francis Marshall at Magic Inc. He regularly performed close-up at Schuliens restaurant in Chicago. In 1993, he won the Most Valuable Participant award at the F.F.F.F. convention. Jim loves to participate in Las Jornadas de El Escorial in Spain. Most recently, he did a month-long lecture tour throughout Spain.

Jim has created over three dozen original effects and techniques, and has lectured about them in nine countries. He has studied with Ed Marlo, Jim Ryan, Tony Andruzzi, Don Alan, Eugene Burger, Slydini, Tommy Wonder and Juan Tamariz. Jim’s lecture is packed with ideas, techniques and routines that will entertain, fool and inspire you!