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Oh my! One of the most creative and talented magicians on the planet shares some of his best secrets in this incredible Vanishing Inc. Masterclass. More than 10 routines across 4 hours of unbelievable content that you can download and watch instantly!

While many of you may know Jeki Yoo from his brain-breaking viral magic videos, he has been captivating audiences across the globe with his unique brand of magic since long before his internet fame. In addition to being a talented close-up magic performer, Jeki is also an accomplished stage and parlor magician. Magicians at Magifest and The Session in 2022 learned this first-hand as he floored both rooms with incredible lectures and performances. Since then, he’s been one of our most requested Masterclass lecturers.

We’re so excited to welcome Jeki to Vanishing Inc. Masterclass. This is truly an unbeatable value as he presents two 90-minute sessions bursting with the perfect blend of new unpublished material and beloved favorites. From close up and stage effects to great visuals for social media, there’s something for everyone.

You’ll enjoy a full performance of each effect before Jeki dives into the detailed explanations. No stone is unturned.

Session 1

Fourth Dimension
Jeki’s famous red ball routine where a ball visually transitions from 2D to 3D.

Cone and Ball
Evolving the classic idea, Jeki has created a routine that looks like trick photography as a red ball vanishes, teleports, vanishes, and then turns into a white ball.

Zone Zero (Unpublished)
Create a “portal” that connects directly to your house and allows you to produce a coffee pot, a tap, and a washing line seemingly out of thin air.

Impromptu Haunted Deck
An impromptu version of the classic haunted deck effect that can be performed any time you want.

Y Shirt Trick
Your shirt and silk transpose colors. As a white silk changes to yellow, your audience is so amazed, they don’t even initially notice that your yellow shirt is now white.

Linking Glasses
A fun linking rings routine where your finger ring and glasses ended up linked to the rings.

Coin Through Bag
Coins impossibly penetrate through a clear plastic bag. This is pure eye candy with that signature Jeki Yoo charm.

Session 2

Rubber Band Stop
A mind-bending effect in which a rubber band becomes frozen in time.

Helix Card Case
A deck of cards is produced from inside a slinky.

Colorful Act
A delightfully fun and colorful routine that’s a ton of fun to perform.

Pips Matrix
A coin matrix with “hearts” that ends with them disappearing and becoming printed onto a playing card. This is a signature Jeki routine.

Card and Mirror
Cards slowly disappear into a mirror. But, when you stop the process halfway, something even stranger happens. This one is a big favorite among our team.

Bonus Video

As a bonus, you’ll also receive a recording of a Q&A with Jeki Yoo that took place when this Masterclass aired live. Jeki discusses some important nuances for the taught material and answers questions from Masterclass Monthly subscribers.

Three full sessions. 10+ routines. One low price. Download the “Jeki Yoo Masterclass” today!