Jeimin – 3 Color Balloon (Gimmick not included)


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Sample Routine with Rainbow Thumb (sold separately)
Magician inflates a white balloon and hands it out to the spectator, then ask him/her to hold it.
Now magician magically catches the bright Red light on his fingertip, and throw it towards the balloon. In the next moment, the Red light jumps to Balloon..

The light can return to the magician’s fingertip….

In addition, the light of the balloon can be changed to Green and Blue, as well, so that 3 different color will be appeared with the balloon.

You can control the color (Red/Green, Blue) and ON/OFF with a remote controller that fit into your palm.

There will be unlimited possibilities with this balloon, such as Lighting Rose, Rainbow Thumb, etc…

Comes with Light, remote controller, and some balloons. (You may purchase additional balloons at your local party goods store, dollar store, etc…. We suggest to use 12″, White Balloon for the gimmick.)

– Please note Rainbow thumb and Lighting Rose are sold separately.