Jay Sankey – Revolutionary Coin Magic 2.0

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The wait is over! The mind-blowing companion DVD to the world wide bestseller REVOLUTIONARY COIN MAGIC is here!

Over TWO AND A HALF HOURS of wild new coin magic featuring a parade of breath-taking new techniques including the Mephisto Change, Sickle Switch, Corkscrew Vanish, Merlin Sequence, Body Shift Production, Shaker Vanish, Messiah Clean-up, Drop Zone Production, Airborne Vanish, Wave Load, Snatch Production, Steeplechase Change, Blow Away Vanish, Freefall Transfer, Tumbleweed Production, Radar Switch, Duet Production, P.O.V. Change, Bangkok Vanish, Blink Crossing, Submarine Vanish and SO MUCH MORE!

Jay also shares the “real work” behind several BRAND NEW full-length coin routines including:

JAVA TRANSPO: A wonderfully commercial 2-coin transposition with a built-in presentation!

RECURRENCY: A coin vanishes and reappears several times as the mystery deepens with each inexplicable phase!

STAND-UP TWILIGHT: Jay’s walk-around handling of Paul Harris’ classic coin effect!

STRIKE THREE: Three coins vanish and reappear under a paper napkin in the most magical manner imaginable!

HOLY CROSS: Many magicians Jay has shown this brilliant handling to have said it is BETTER than “Mr. Clean Coins Across!”

COLLECTOR’S ITEM: A marked coin vanishes and reappears inside a coin collector’s cardboard holder that is stapled shut!

What You Get

Along with a detailed psychological analysis of many of the sleights and routines, Jay also discusses such essential subjects as body language, misdirection through scripting, managing spheres of focus, making the most of different performing environments, the ballet of coin magic and MORE!


Snatch Production

Wave Load

Silver Fission 1

Drop Zone Production

Wide Eyed Production

Silver Fision 2

From Nowhere Production

From Nowhere Twice

Duet Production

Messiah Clean-Up

Silver Fission 3

Body Shift Production

Tumbleweed Production

Merlin Sequence

Wrinkle in Time

Freefall Transfer

Blink Crossing

Flying Shuttle

Sickle Switch

Radar Switch

Motion Change


Steeplechase Change

Mephisto Change

Rollover Retention Vanish

Blow Away Vanish

Submarine Vanish

Double Blow Away Vanish

Shaker Vanish

Bangkok Vanish


Airborne Vanish

Gravity Vanish

Corkscrew Vanish


Half A Coin Trick

Sound Effect

Java Transpo


Stand-Up Twilight

Opposable Coin


Holy Cross

Flesh Pocket

Strike Three

Collector’s Item