Jason Suran – Vanishing Inc. Showtime (April 7, 2021 – highest quality)

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We’ve watched Jason Suran’s career blossom in New York and around the world. His original brand of mentalism has landed him on television shows and even in a special performance in the Pentagon. His pivot to virtual shows has landed him star-power celebrity-guests (Edie Falco, Julianna Margulies, Thomas Middleditch and KT Tunstall to name just a few) and huge acclaim (a rave review in The New York Times). The theme of Jason’s show is “reconnection,” and this isn’t just marketing-speak. Jason’s show is an earnest testament to how the pandemic has severed our ties to each other, and it’s a dialogue with viewers about new and in some cases impossible ways to reconnect as a group. The show is at once therapeutic and amazing, and Jason has a personal wit and charm that is instantly likeable.

You may not have heard of Jason Suran before, but sometimes the most satisfying show experiences are those that showcase new talents that exceed our expectations. THIS is one of those times. Don’t miss out. Book now to watch Jason Suran live…on Vanishing Inc.: Showtime.

This event takes place April 7, 2021, at 9pm EST (NYC Time).